Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Then and Now: a little house on Main Street, Kerrville

Sometimes my photo collection yields surprises, but often you really have to look  closely for them.  Take these two images of a house at 1106 E. Main Street, in Kerrville.

The first shows the house as it looked around 1915.  The other I took today.  The structure was originally a home; now it houses professional offices.

Here are the photos, and I'll have some commentary below.

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1106 E. Main Street, Kerrville, around 1915

1106 E. Main Street, Kerrville, taken September 2010
The first thing I noticed was the lack of vegetation  in the old photo.  That hill you can see in the background is either Tivy Mountain or the hill just to its west.  The little trees in the old photo didn't survive.

You might wonder how I recognized the house -- they look different from each other.  The secret is in the old photo: the railing around the porch.  Until the building was remodeled recently, that same railing was still on the porch.

I also noticed the little gazebo behind the house in the earlier photo, as well as what I suppose is an outhouse.

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