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Sunday, October 24, 2010

1968 Tivy Basketball Team -- District Champs

I found this image in my files -- the Tivy High School Basketball team, in the locker room, moments after winning the state championship in 1969.   Thanks to Madeline and Ray Lynch, who, with several Tivy classmates, helped identify the players in the photo.

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1968 Tivy Basketball Team, just after winning the District Championship

1968 Tivy Basketball Team, identified

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  1. Stuart Caulkins, who was on this team, called to help identify some of the players above. The player identified as Fred "Truck" Gamble, according to Caulkins, is actually Ernie Fifer. The player identified as George Stacy is Gary McCormack; Reggie Linack is in the photo. George Stacy can be seen in the lower right corner embracing his teammate Willie Bratcher.


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