Sunday, October 17, 2010

Early photos of Kerrville show a simpler life

It's true: life was simpler back in the day.
I like these old photos because each tells a story.  I believe all of these photos are from Kerrville, and each was taken about 1905 - 1920

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Group of young people on horseback, 700 Block of Water Street, Kerrville.
This would have been opposite the Schreiner Store.
At first I thought this showed four boys, but I think it's two couples.

The Grinstead and Comparette families on a picnic, around 1920

Lake Cathorne, Kerrville.
This lake was named for Catherine Remschel and Thorne Richards
Photo taken around 1905 from about where the Pavilion is today, between the
700 and 800 block of Water

This is a posed picture; the old woman is looking at a photo of a young child.
Note the evaporation cooler behind her, used for dairy and eggs.

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