Saturday, October 16, 2010

A nostalgic group of Kerrville photos from the late 1960s

These photos show different views of commerce in Kerrville in the late 1960s.  I know some of the people in the photos -- but I could sure use some help identifying others.  If you know any of those pictured, would you mind using the comment form below?
I hope you enjoy these images.

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The staff of Brehmer's Jewelers, late 1960s, Kerrville,
when the store was on Water Street next to Pampell's.
Left to Right: Mr and Mrs Brehmer, Mrs. Arreola, Mrs. Chenault;
I'm afraid I don't know the two on the far right.

Hardware Store, Kerrville, late 1960s.
I do not know what store, or the person at teh counter.

Although these sales are usually held by Lions' clubs,
in Kerrville, the Kiwanis club sells Mops & Brooms.
I recognize Louis Burton, first on the left.  Louis is still in Kiwanis.

Bob Schmerbeck and Jack Furman promote Kerrville, late 1960s


  1. Broom sale: Left is my aunt, Marjorie Nicholson, and grandmother, Lizzie Ward. Thanks, Joe.

  2. Oh, I have spotted another "Collins handbag"!!!!!!

  3. I believe along with Louis Burton the lady in the middle is Mrs. Durrin of Durrin's Cleaners.

  4. Bob & Jack are applying the bumper sticker to the front bumper.


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