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Friday, October 22, 2010

The First Kerrville Folk Festival, part 1

I attended the very first Kerrville Folk Festival in 1972 as a lad of 10.  It was held in the Kerrville Municipal Auditorium (which is now the Cailloux Theater), and was part of the Texas State Arts & Crafts Fair.  Rod Kennedy was asked to provide some entertainment for the fairgoers, and those first performances were the beginning of something very special.  This is the first of 2 posts on these 1972 Kerrville Folk Festival images.

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Kenneth Threadgill, first Kerrville Folk Festival, Kerrville, 1972

Allen Damron, first Kerrville Folk Festival, Kerrville, 1972

Carolyn Hester, first Kerrville Folk Festival, Kerrville, 1972

Kenneth Threadgill,  first Kerrville Folk Festival,
Kerrville, 1972
I'd appreciate your help identifying these performers in the comments below.  More images tomorrow.


  1. I think that might be Kenneth Threadgill at the center of the first pic and featured in the last. Threadgill, of course, had been a mainstay of the Austin music scene as owner of the tavern that bore his name--he's said to have given Janis Joplin one of her first breaks as a performer--and he was known to join performers on stage from time to time.

    Pic and bio here:

  2. The fiddle player is Cotton Collins most famous for writing Westphalia Waltz Drummer is Julie but not sure of last name. In Colorado so will check records when get home. Julie's husband was also in the band.Rod and

  3. This is great. Are you aware of the Kerr-HIstory project? Our Website is and I'd love to link to your site and maybe even borrow some material (properly credited of course) to post onto our site.
    thanks, Ky Hote Staff Historian

  4. Ky: just send me an email at joeherringjr (at) gmail dot com -- and we'll discuss. ~ Joe

  5. Holy cow! I remember being at the theater, wasn't it due to a rainout for the gand opening or something? I was about 7yrs old then, we went for years after as Staff, was happy to run trash patrol for a free Festival T-shirt (1 per day or something ) :)


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