Friday, October 29, 2010

Kerrville invades HemisFair 1968

While these are not technically photos of Kerrville, they're photos of people from Kerrville at HemisFair in San Antonio in 1968.  I could use some help identifying the people in these photos!  Please help by commenting below.
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Tivy Band kids at HemisFair, 1968

HemisFair, 1968

Kerrville students at HemisFair, 1968

Kerrville performers at HemisFair, 1968

Poverty Playboys, HemisFair, 1968


  1. Pic 1 On right is Roy Smith
    Pic 3 Wanda Taylor, Bill King, Mary Ellen Reynier
    Pic 4 Girl on right is Lanelle Caulkins, maybe

  2. Pic 5: Is that Mr. Barton and Mr. Starkey in the middle??? Am pretty sure that is Mr. Barton strumming the banjo. We attended HemiSphere 68 and enjoyed it immensely. Thanks Joe!

  3. That's Clyde Jones on mandolin, Judge Barton on tenor banjo, Dr. Luther Ross at the mic and on guitar, and Ken McCormick on guitar on the right (Thanks to Cindy Barton for refreshing my memory about Mr. McCormick; his was the only name I couldn't recall). The Poverty Playboys used to play at the 4-H awards banquet every year.

  4. Joe,

    I would love to know about Kerr county working at HemisFair. I worked at HemisFair in th International Department for a year before it opened and then I was a bilingual hostess in the French Pavilion. John Mosty was a guide in the US Pavilion.

    We don't know anyone else, but I will post the query.

  5. I think the man on guitar with the Poverty Playboys is Ed Gooding. Mr. McCormick did of course play with them but usually played standup bass.

  6. Picture number 4: Jim Ritchie, Penny Von Essen, Lenelle Caulkins & Dave Bright. All were attending Shriener College at the time of this photo. Jim & Dave were from the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Lenelle and Penny were Tivy Graduates.

  7. Picture #4. Lt to Rt. Jim Ritchie, Penny Von Essen, Lenelle Caulkins & Dave Bright. Schreiner Institute "Recall", year book for 1968,Pg 110.


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