Thursday, October 28, 2010

A new photo of the Cascade Pool

My friend Dr. Joseph Luther sent along a photo of the Cascade Pool which I'd never seen before.  This shot is taken from the Blue Bonnet Hotel (Dr. Luther estimates about the fifth floor).  Note the old fire station, with the fire trucks inside.
Most of the other photos I've seen of the old pool were taken from the Arcadia side of the pool, where the dressing rooms were, toward the Bluebonnet.  This one is taken from the Blue Bonnet toward the Arcadia.  Dr. Luther also noted the provides a glimpse of the river, before the Louise Hays Park was built.

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Cascade Pool, Kerrville, perhaps in the 1930s.
Courtesy of Joseph Luther


  1. Now that, is an amazing picture. What an elegant pool and hotel. I remember that hotel as I child--however, I do not remember ever seeing the Cascade Pool. I love it from this angle, showing the river and trees!

  2. It's a shame they tore that lovely area down for a generic looking bank and parking lot. I was about 5 when they tore down the Bluebonnet. I don't remember it, but it's nice to visit town through these great photos. I noticed in a previous shot of the old Masonic Building that there was a Post Office sign on it. I thought the post office was across Earl Garrett St.

    Keep up the great work. I want to stop and buy a signed copy of your book. I for one, am unashamed about, and prefer living in the past, even during times before my time on earth, as life was so much better in every single way (except for air conditioning and one or two other technical inventions). Thanks for helping me escape to a much, much better time in our nation's history.


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