Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Then and Now: an arched doorway on Water Street

It's probably nothing, but when the final part of the hospital came down, an arched entryway was exposed on the wall of the old Schreiner building.  That wall was part of the Winn's building when I was a kid; before that the building held Lehmann's.  But in an earlier life, that building was part of the wool warehouse.
Doe these two archways look similar to you?  I'd appreciate your feedback in the comments below.
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Wool Trucks, lined up at Schreiner's warehouse, Water Street, Kerrville
Archway exposed during recent demolition of Sid Peterson Memorial Hospital
How the700 Block of Water appeared in April, 1910.


  1. They look the same to me! I think you have it.

    I have fond memories of that Winn's store. The first ICEE machine in Kerrville was there in about 1968. They had two flavors, Coke and Wild Thing. I was way too embarrassed to ask for Wild Thing, so always got the Coke.

  2. They do look similar.

    Do you have any updated photos of the Schreiner Building now that it has been renovated?



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