Saturday, December 18, 2010

New images of the Charles Schreiner Company

One of the fellows who purchased my book, James Maxwell, sent along some images of the Charles Schreiner Company I've never seen before.  Over the next few days I'll be sharing them here.  I see a lot of photos of Kerrville in a week.  I've got to tell you: these really got me excited!  I love this series of images.  Thanks, James!
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Interior, Charles Schreiner Company, Kerrville.  Winchester items on right.
Note stairway up to mezzanine in back, and the cool radiator.
I think this was the room that recently held the mens' department.

Office, Schreiner Company.  I believe the man at the desk is A. C. Schreiner, whose house
is next to the Butt-Holdsworth Library.  Note the multitude of posters of pretty girls.

This appears to be the grocery department, though the shiny framed image in the center
is of a Winchester advertisement.  Note stairs in back.  
The ceiling is lumber, not pressed tin.

Shoe Department.  Perhaps hat department as well.  Not sure where in the building this was, 
but I see the old mezzanine in the back.

This looks like a grocery department -- what do you think?

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  1. I remember my dad telling me that during the Depression that Schreiner's had two grocery departments, the nicer one upstairs was cash only, but the other one downstairs was for folks who maintained a credit account with the store. He said the prices in the credit area were a bit higher. I don't know if they charged interest on those accounts or not. A lot of the sheep ranchers would use the credit store and then pay their bill when they sold their wool


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