Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Railroad cars along Water Street in Kerrville

One of the fellows who purchased my book, James Maxwell, sent along some images of the Charles Schreiner Company I've never seen before.  Over the next few days I'll be sharing them here.  I see a lot of photos of Kerrville in a week.  I've got to tell you: these really got me excited!  I love this series of images.  Thanks, James!
Here's something intriguing: I knew from old maps the railroad spur went all the way to Water Street.  Note the detail from the 1904 Sanborn map below.  The blue building at the bottom center (along Water Street) is Schreiner's wool warehouse.  Just to the west of the building is the railroad spur.
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Detail, 1904 Sanborn-Perris map of Kerrville
How about a photo that actually shows the railroad spur and railroad cars on Water Street in Kerrville? I'd never seen one before.  This is fantastic!
Train freight cars next to the Schreiner Wool Warehouse, Water Street, Kerrville, around 1904
Incidentally, the west side of this building is the wall we can see on the east side of what was left after they tore down the Sid Peterson Memorial Hospital.  Only the wall we can see was the interior west wall, or the inside of the wall above.

Only surviving portion of the old Schreiner Wool Warehouse.

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  1. I had no idea the railroad had a spur that went all the way to Water Street. That train car photo is one of the most fascinating photographs that I have ever seen of Kerrville.

    Joe, thank you so very much for the information that you post on this blog. What you provide to us is more than just entertaining; it is truly a great service to the community.

    By the way, is that a "John Deere" sign on the side of the train car?

    Thanks again.


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