Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wednesday Ephemera: Water Street during World War I

When we were studying World War I in school, it didn't seem that distant in time -- I knew several veterans of that war.  But looking at this great new photo given to me by  Marilyn Vordenbaum, it was a very different time.
This photo was taken from the corner of Water Street and Sidney Baker, about where the corner of the old hospital parking lot is today.  The closest building you see is Pampell's.
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Water Street, Kerrville, around 1917.
Detail from photo above: Note the Victrola sign above the balcony rail.
This Victrola sign is the same as in the photo above, and is part of my collection.
More detail from photo above: One of the clues I used to date this photograph.
The street sign reads "Tchoupitoulas" Street
before its name was changed to "Sidney Baker" Street.


  1. Joe,
    When did Pampell's get bricked over?

  2. Walt, I believe it was in 1926 -- just a facelift, mainly, to make the old building look more substantial, I think.

  3. I wasn't born here but I got here as fast as I could. It is nice to see photos of what I missed. Thanks for your column and your blog.


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