Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cave on Tivy Mountain

I'm sure I'm not the first one to see this little cave on Tivy Mountain.  If any of you have been brave enough to actually crawl into the cave, I'd love to hear about it.  I did not crawl inside: too chicken!
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Small Cave, Tivy Mountain, Kerrville

Another view.

As far as I wanted to go.


  1. When I was a boy (when dinos roamed the earth), the rumor was that the cave led to an underground cavern. In the cavern were the real bodies of the Tivy family.

    Obviously untrue, however my friends and I were not willing to test the theory - thank goodness.

  2. Bats live in caves.

    Barney Fife says that if a bat lands on your head, it will lay eggs in your hair and then you will go crazy!

    Got to love that Barney Fife.

  3. which mountain is Tivy Mountain?

  4. Just east of downtown Kerrville is a hill called "Tivy Mountain." It is where Capt. Joseph Tivy is buried. Tivy was Kerrville's first mayor, and gave the land for the schools. Our high school is named for him. The hill is just south of the intersection of Cypress Creek Road and Memorial Highway.

  5. is this publicly accessable?

  6. It used to be open for everyone.

    I haven't been in Kerrville for many years so I don't know what the current rules are for visiting Tivy Mountain.

  7. There is a wonderful view of Kerrville from the top of Tivy Mountain.

    It's also nice to visit the Tivy graves out of respect for what Captain Tivy did for Kerrville.

    Thankfully, Kerrville still has Tivy High School. That keeps the Tivy name fresh on everyone's minds. If not for the school, I fear that newer generations would soon forget what the Tivy name meant to Kerrville.

    A similar situation is the name Schreiner. Now that Schreiner's Bank and Store no longer exist, will their contribution to the area be forgotten? I hope not.

    It happened in San Antonio with the name Brackenridge. The current generation in San Antonio seems to have forgotten how much George Brackenridge and his sister, Eleanor, did for Bexar County.

    There is still a Brackenridge Park in San Antonio, but people can't seem to connect the park's name to the person for whom it was named.

    George Brackenridge's statue seems now to be nothing more than an item for people to deface with spray paint.

  8. Having grown up in the shadow of Tivy Mountain (figuratively), I can tell you in addition to the stories of having your car scratched up at 2:00 a.m. if parked at the top, that cave has also been a source of personal terror. One day we were spooked off the hill while looking down into the cave and spying a mattress and one woman's high heel shoe and conjuring stories surrounding those items when a voice shouted at us and asked what we were doing. We scrambled (barefoot) down the hill never to look into that cave again!


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