Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday Ephemera: Kerrville Water Ski Show Postcard

I wouldn't blame you if you didn't believe Kerrville had water ski shows in Louise Hays Park in the 1950s.  Cotton Eldridge was one who put on shows, but the Kerrville Jaycees also produced a show.  These three girls are showing some talent -- and they are about to turn, since the dam is right in front of them.  We can't decide whether the building on the bluff is the Rialto or Arcadia movie theater.  Which do you think it is?
By the way, my parents, Joe and Patsy Herring water skied in this same spot.  I know -- because I was a small kid in the boat at the time.
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These beauties are skiing in Louise Hays Park, Kerrville.  Postcard from the 1950s.
Reverse side of Postcard.  Note the photographer's name.


  1. The Rialto. The skiers were approaching the bridge and coming into the spectator area just downriver from the bridge. If it were the Arcadia the tow boat would be at the dam and the jump ramp would be in the picture. I remember Cotton's shows each summer including his little dog...

  2. There are two clues that will help us identify that building.

    1. Unless a flood has washed away those large boulders on the bank behind the building, a photo of that part of the river bank will help us determine which building it is. The boulders might still be there.

    2. I remember the Rialto, but I don't remember if it or the Arcadia had the white brick/rock trim that I can see in the photo.

    A quick look at the back of the Arcadia will show if it has the same type of trim.

  3. I agree with J M. The Rialto had that look to it.

  4. I think the woman at the far left is Maryann (Stovall) Auld!

  5. Joe, in talking with my dad, the other two woman in this photo could possibly be Cathy Ramsey and Irene Fisher (not sure of spelling). The blonde, for sure, is Maryann Auld--Eva Jo, Belinda and Paula's mom and daughter of Pete Stovall, who ran the Bluebonnet Hotel Coffee Shop and later opened the Golden Ox.


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