Thursday, January 27, 2011

1921 Tivy Students plus early Tivy football team -- A look back, part 4

It's worth a moment to look back at the Tivy class of 1921 -- not only are the folks interesting, but there are other details in these photos.  Look at their clothes, hats, shoes.  Look at the buildings in the background. (The large building is the old Tivy High School; only a portion remains today.) If you look closely enough, and really study the photos, you can actually hear students in the background.  Images courtesy of Jack Stevens.
Ruth Garrett, Kerrville, 1921

One of the twins: Zella White, Kerrville, 1921

And the other twin: Zelma White, Kerrville, 1921
1921 Tivy Antler Football Team, Kerrville

1921 Tivy Antler Football Team, Kerrville

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