Friday, January 28, 2011

A tranquil Kerrville scene photographed by Starr Bryden

Starr Bryden was a photographer in the Kerrville area from about 1900 to mid-century, and his story is really interesting.  I ran across this image taken by Bryden and I liked it.
Most of the photos taken by Bryden are signed, like this one.  
Note the little footbridge, with the missing plank.  If anyone has an idea where this photo was taken, I'd love to hear it.
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"The Guadalupe River," Kerrville, by Starr Bryden

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  1. So many of those beautiful old trees were washed away during the flood of the 1970's (1978?, 1979?).

    In the 1950's, I remember a very similar footbridge that crossed the river, but it was a part of the river that was between Kerrville and Medina, not in Kerrville.

    It was where Adams Road crosses the river (closer to Medina than to Kerrville).

    The photo is identified as being in Kerrville, so it probably is not the same bridge.

    Whatever the location, it is a beautiful and tranquil scene.


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