Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Florence Butt, family, and co-workers

Though we in Kerrville are justifiably proud H-E-B Grocery started here (now one of the nation's largest privately-owned companies), few remember the hardship its founder, Florence Thornton Butt, faced.
This picture tells that story.
Missing from the photo is Florence Butt's husband, Charles.  He had died of tuberculosis.  Of the eight people pictured, at least three will also die from the disease.
People look at the Butt family today and think of their wealth and influence.  Few remember the hard years.  The years when it was just one small store, in Kerrville, and a family for whom grief was a frequent visitor.
Photo courtesy G L Richeson, Jr.
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Original members of the Butt Grocery "family," Kerrville, before 1914
Front row: John Hamilton, Hettie Hamilton Richeson, Florence Butt, Howard Butt
Back row: J Y Little ?, George Leland Richeson, Charles Butt Jr. (?), Eugene Butt (?)

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