Wednesday, January 5, 2011

417 Hays -- Max Grona Repair Shop

My title is really just a guess.  I think it says "Max Grona Repair Shop" on the top of this building.
My friends Jon and Sandy Wolfmueller let me scan a stack of photos yesterday -- and this is my favorite.  An old-time repair shop, surrounded by trees and a yard, and four fellows playing what appears to be dominoes.  From the looks of it, this was a regular game.
Pull up a saw horse and play awhile.
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Max Grona Repair Shop, 417 Hays Street, Kerrville, probably early 1930s.
Courtesy Wolfmueller's Books

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  1. I find this photo intriguing.

    I went to Google Map and searched for 417 Hays Street in Kerrville. In so doing, I found a current repair shop in the general vicinity of the previous Max Grona Repair Shop.

    The current repair shop is not in the exact spot where the Max Grona Shop was located, but it is very close.

    The new has replaced the old, and yet the circle is unbroken.

    I really don't know what that means, I just know that I am intrigued.


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