Friday, January 7, 2011

Then and Now: Norge Refrigeration

These buildings are gone -- save the one on the far right.  They were torn down by the Charles Schreiner Bank in the early 1980s for a parking lot.
The building on the far right, however is still here, though altered substantially.  After surviving a fire in 1995, the building was renovated and a second story was added -- that's right, it's our print shop offices at 615 Water Street!
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619 Water Street, Kerrville, around 1935
Left to right: Rialto Movie Theater, M??sch Optical, Norge Rollator Refrigeration,
and the Modern Beauty Salon.  I see a card for C. A. Roland in the window of Norge.

Image courtesy Jon and Sandy Wolfmueller

The scene today.  The clue was the rounded window of our print shop building.
This is the parking lot between Grape Juice and Herring Printing Company.
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  1. Back in the 1950's and perhaps the 1960's, there was a barber shop in the general location of the building that has a "Norge" sign displayed out front.

    I believe the barber shop was called "Henry's."

    I wonder if Henry's was located in the Norge building?


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