Saturday, January 8, 2011

Where they lived: Kerrville homes, 1930s, part 1

I thought I'd offer a series of photographs of Kerrville homes from around 1930.   These were taken by the City of Kerrville, as part of their property tax roster.  There are two things to look for in these images: the architecture, of course, and then for clues about the people who lived in these homes.  Rockers on a porch, for instance.  A pet.  Flowers planted by the sidewalk.  Those sorts of things.
Images courtesy Jon and Sandy Wolfmueller.
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This says 76 Tivy Street, Kerrville, but I'm not sure.

101 Schreiner Street, Kerrville

112 Francisco Lemos, Kerrville

117 Schreiner, Kerrville

160 Travis Street, Kerrville


  1. Posting these old house photos is a wonderful idea.

    I hope that you have time to post all that you have.


  2. More than likely, the house listed as 76 Tivy Street has been torn down.

    I used Google Map in the hopes of finding it.

    I found a house that is somewhat similar.

    It is in the 500 block of Tivy, directly opposite from what once was the old Tivy High School.

    It is either white or yellow. There is no longer a house on the left of it.

    It has a driveway on the right of the house and what looks like a detatched garage.

    If you look at it from straight on, it looks similar to the old photo.

    If you look at it from the right side, you see more of the house that looks similar to the old photo.

    My guess may be wrong, but this was fun detective work.

  3. After further review, I am now convinced that my guess was incorrect.

    I no longer believe that the current house on Tivy Street, across from the old high school, is the same house as is shown in the old photo that is listed as 76 Tivy Street.

    Sorry for the confusion.

  4. I could be wrong, but to me it appears to say 16 Tivy st not 76 Tivy


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