Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Where they lived: Kerrville homes, 1930s, part 3

I thought I'd offer a series of photographs of Kerrville homes from around 1930.   These were taken by the City of Kerrville, as part of their property tax roster.  There are two things to look for in these images: the architecture, of course, and then for clues about the people who lived in these homes.  Rockers on a porch, for instance.  A pet.  Flowers planted by the sidewalk.  Those sorts of things.
Images courtesy Jon and Sandy Wolfmueller.
Click on any image to enlarge
324 McFarland, Kerrville

329 Schreiner, Kerrville

401 Wallace, Kerrville

405 Barnett, Kerrville.  Love the tin on the roof's ridge.

405 McFarland, Kerrville

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  1. Utilizing Google Map, I tried to find these houses. Here are my results:

    324 McFarland - I couldn't find it.

    329 Schreiner - It might exist. I just couldn't determine if the existing house is the same as the house in the old photo.

    401 Wallace - The house in the photo may still exist. If the house that I saw is not the same one that is in the photo, then it is its twin brother. It's remarkable that the house may still be standing.

    405 Barnett - I couldn't find this one.

    405 McFarland - I couldn't find this one.

    Thank you for posting these old house photos.
    I had fun searching for them.

  2. Joe ~ We still have the photo of our house that you gave us, 808 Earl Garrett . . . or was it Mountain Street then?? Jacquie & Laurent


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