Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Where they lived: Kerrville homes, 1930s, part 4

I thought I'd offer a series of photographs of Kerrville homes from around 1930.   These were taken by the City of Kerrville, as part of their property tax roster.  There are two things to look for in these images: the architecture, of course, and then for clues about the people who lived in these homes.  Rockers on a porch, for instance.  A pet.  Flowers planted by the sidewalk.  Those sorts of things.
Images courtesy Jon and Sandy Wolfmueller.
Click on any image to enlarge

415 N. Schreiner, Kerrville

417 Fifer, Kerrville

517 McFarland, Kerrville

520 Lytle, Kerrville

Dent Taylor, 600 Myrta, Kerrville.
I believe this is the house I mistook for the White House when I was a boy.
It made sense, since I saw LBJ's photo above a frosted door at the post office.
I assumed he worked there.
Besides, LBJ sounded a lot like my neighbors.
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  1. According to Google Map, 600 Myrta still exists.

    Surprisingly, 517 McFarland also exists.

    I have no idea when this McFarland house was built, but its construction date could have been around 1900, give or take a few years, which might indicate that it has some type of historical significance.

    Very interesting.

  2. These have been great pictures Joe, OK, so get out there and take some NOW pictures of the same locations so we can enjoy comparing.

  3. Google Map allows us to see the homes in there current conditions.


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