Sunday, February 20, 2011

Article about the Water Ski shows in Kerrville's Louise Hays Park

Sarah Jane Johnson brought by this article about the water ski shows they used to produce in the little lake at Louise Hays Park.  While I can't believe they used to do all of this in that little narrow "lake," it looks like they really did!
Cotton Eldridge and his wife Ava produced the shows as the "Ave-Cot Water Thrill Show."  There was a jump ramp, for both skiers and boats, and a circle of fire.  It's really quite an amazing show they put on in that little bit of water.
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  1. Often, they would ski WITHOUT skis.

  2. The article mentions Clifton Mackey. If that was the same Clifton Mackey who taught drafting at Tivy High School, then I can tell you that he is one of the finest people ever to walk this earth.

    Also, he was a great teacher. He is probably retired by now, and if he is, then the school system must truly be missing him.

    He did more than teach drafting. He taught his students HOW to enjoy and understand their courses.

    He helped guide his students into successful careers. He's a winner!!!

  3. Those ski jumps often got a bit wild.

    A large wave might hit the tow boat or skier at an unexpected time, and the boat or skier would come perilously close to the dam.

  4. That's the same Clifton Mackey. He was my uncle.


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