Saturday, February 19, 2011

Women Water-Skiers identified

Sarah Jane Johnson,  whose family has long ties to our community, brought in a newspaper clipping that identifies the four women water-skiing at Louise Hays Park during a water ski show.  This photo is in my book, and was scanned from a print marked "Swayze Studio" on the back.  The newspaper clipping identifies the photographer as Jorns.  I think the newspaper clipping is mistaken: I think the photo was taken by Fuzzy Swayze.
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Water Show Flag Bearers, Kerrville, 1950s.
From left: Mrs. Freddie Bernhard, April Clover, Mrs. Alton Fairchild, Mary Dyer


  1. Oh, Joe!!! This is so great!! Thank you for sharing!! I agree with you, that Fuzzy is the photographer. ;-)

  2. I can ski, but I wouldn't want to ski at night.

  3. The ski course at the park was not as long as the one at Ingram Dam, but it was just as much fun.


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