Sunday, February 13, 2011

Black History: Kerrville Parade

I admit my collection of Kerrville photographs is weak in several areas, but the largest area is this: it lacks images of minority families.  This image, from a group of photos Jon and Sandy Wolfmueller let me scan, is of a parade.  The girls are beautifully dressed, and the truck is very well decorated.  I have no idea what parade is pictured, but I really like this photo.  If anyone can help identify the girls, or the parade, I'd really appreciate it.
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Kerrville Parade, 1920s.


  1. I love the attention to the hubcaps

  2. I don't know anything about the parade, but one clue may be the object that is being held by the young lady who is standing in the middle.

    At first I thought it was a music stand, but obviously it was not a stand.

    Then, I thought that she might be holding a trident, but the two outside tines are bent outward, so it is doubtful that it was a trident.

    What was it that she held?

    Just a side issue, I noticed in the view between the floats that a garden was growing in the yard.

    Many people grew gardens in the early 1900's. And of course there were "Victory Gardens" that were grown during WWII.

    I sometimes wonder if more people should grow gardens. Would it help cut everyone's food bills?

    Ok, I'm through rambling. Apparently I cannot solve the parade question.


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