Saturday, February 12, 2011

Were these buildings in Kerrville?

This photos, from the collection of  Sandy and Jon Wolfmueller, were with a group of photos which were definitely taken in Kerrville.  These, however, I'm not sure of.  I'd appreciate it if any of you out there recognize the buildings and would comment in the comments below.
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Two men, possibly in Kerrville.  Sign reads "Homemade Hot Tamales"

Marked 309 Main, or roughly where H-E-B is today.  Possibly in Kerrville?

Perhaps a flood photo.  Some pretty fancy cars.

Home Laundry, possibly Kerrville.

This looks right to me, but the McFarland street designation confuses me.

A flood photo, but I'm not sure where.  The dam appears to be perpendicular to the direction of water flow.


  1. In reference to the first photo that is labeled, "Two men, possibly in Kerrville. Sign reads "Homemade Hot Tamales"," my guess (and it is only a guess) is that the buildings were located on Quinlan Street, approximately where the Kerrville Daily Times building is now located.

  2. The last photo looks a lot like the dam that is near the Sports Center. May be way off as I have no idea when the dam was built, but it looks about right to me.

  3. My guesses are; 1st is Lemos St, 2nd is 313 Main St across from HEB (the used car building was 309),3rd the tavern at Water and G St, 4th unknown 5th McFarland, 6th Louse Hays or maybe Center Point , those are the only dams like that style with that much river.
    The hill looks like Kerrville


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