Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday Then & Now: the Kerrville mills

I've written here several times about the dual mills in downtown Kerrville, and included a postcard showing the two separate water-powered mills.  This past weekend I ventured down a trail beside the cold Guadalupe to get a shot of the site now.  I thought it might help some understand where the mills were.
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The two separate mills, Kerrville, probably around 1920.
The site in February 2011.  Building in center is One Schreiner Center;
NationsBank and the new pavilion are on the far left.


  1. Joe,

    This is a great viewpoint. It very clearly shows where the old mills were located.

  2. In a previous post,


    you displayed a photo of Jesse Grinstead sitting on a wall. Then, you displayed a current photo of that same wall.

    The same blog displayed a photo of a different wall. The caption stated:

    "Taken just to the left of where the boys were standing. Shot October 2, 2010."

    Where are those two walls in the picture that you posted today?

    Are they hidden in the brush?

  3. In my mind, I can still see the old ice plant and the Blue Bonnet Hotel in this photo.

  4. This photo is a perfect match!

  5. Joe, you are a great protector of Kerrville's history. It's no wonder that you are considered to be Kerrville's historian. It's a well deserved title and honor.

  6. I, too, am curious as to where the walls are currently located.

    I hope that Kerrville did not demolish the walls.

  7. Joe,

    The first photo shows a rock wall/foundation.

    I believe it is the wall that one of your other photo postings showed Jesse Grinstead sitting on.

    Does that rock wall/foundation still exist?

    Also, are there any steps, in the area of the rock wall, that lead down to the river?


    1. The old wall still exists but there is not an easy path to see it. The wall is beneath the old ice house, so it might be visible from above. The ice house foundation has been transformed into an observation area; it's just behind the fountain in the One Schreiner Center parking area.


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