Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Blue Bonnet Hotel

This postcard image of the old Blue Bonnet Hotel is a little creepy.  The hotel used to stand at the corner of Earl Garrett and Water Streets, across from where Francisco's Restaurant is today.
What I find creepy about this postcard is this: it's supposed to be of the hotel at night.  See how the lights are shining in the rooms?
But there are a lot of heavy shadows in the image -- shadows from the balconies high up on the hotel, shadows beneath the cars.  It's a full moon, you might say.  Maybe.  Or a black and white photo of the hotel -- taken during the daytime -- and then weirdly colored to look like an image taken at night.
Ok, maybe it's just me.  What do you think? Is this a little creepy looking?
Thanks to Susan Sander for loaning this image to me.
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Postcard, Blue Bonnet Hotel, Kerrville, around 1950.


  1. Joe,

    How many old photos do you have of Center Point and Camp Verde?

  2. This photo reminds me of that old TV show called "Dark Shadows."

  3. I loved that old hotel. It had a beautiful lobby on the first floor (back of the hotel).
    The lobby overlooked the river. It was a magnificent view.

    In its later years it was not so much a hotel for travelers as it was a permanent home for many elderly people. The hotel's residents loved to sit around the lobby and visit with one another.

    Once, while standing inside the hotel lobby, a friend of mine commented on how sad it was to see all those people, nearing the ends of their lives, sitting around with nothing to do.

    I told him how wrong he was. All those good people had Kerrville and all of Kerrville's social events to provide them with a quality life.

    Also, I told him to look more closely at the people in the lobby. They were not sitting around staring at the walls. They were talking and communicating with one another.

    They were sharing stories, telling of the day's activities, voicing opinions on local, state and national events, remembering their families and friends.

    They were, in fact, very energetic people who had much to offer the world and they were offering it.

    That friend passed away long ago, and I, while old enough to remember Theodore Roosevelt, am in my mind, still 19 years old and piloting a Curtiss JN-4 Jenny across the skies.

  4. Looks like a thunderstorm is about to bust loose.

  5. Joe, I think it is creepy and cool at the same time! ha! To me, it looks like it was taken in the day and touched up for effect. I think this image could be in an old horror movie! ; )

  6. Why oh why did we decide to tear this beautiful structure down?


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