Sunday, March 13, 2011

Boats in Guadalupe River at Louise Hays Park

It's true folks, people used to ski in the little widening of the river caused by the narrow dam at Louise Hays Park.  Just yesterday someone told me they didn't believe it.  I keep getting photos of boats and skiers down there.  And I remember riding in my parents' boat while they skied there.  So... I think it happened.  Maybe.
Thanks to Susan Sander for loaning me this photo.
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Swirling up the Guadalupe River at Kerrville's Louise Hays Park, mid-1950s


  1. For sure it is true!!!! As you know, Joe, my whole family skied there!! Can't wait to see what other photos might surface!

  2. In my youth, I skied in that river many, many times.

  3. I, too, skied there numerous times in the early to mid 50s behind Cotton's boat, but not as often or as good as Julie's dad.


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