Saturday, March 5, 2011

Jimmie Rodgers in Kerrville

Love this old photo of Jimmie Rodgers, standing next to his car.  For those that don't know, Rodgers lived in Kerrville for a while, up at "Blue Yodeler's Paradise," on Main Street.  I noticed the spare wheel (by Jimmie's right hand) says Kerrville.  A closer look says "Cone Car Co."  Any ideas where this might have been taken?
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Jimmie Rodgers, Kerrville, possibly the late 1920s.


  1. I wish that I owned that car.

  2. I can't enlarge this photo enough to read the letters. Could it possibly say Cone Cap Company, instead of Cone Car Company?

    Either way, I can't identify the building's location, unless it is the building that used to house Peterson's garage.

  3. Joe, My memory recalls Cone Car Co as being almost directly across from Herring Printing. On the Clay/Water Street corner there was a Texaco station. You could enter Cone's Service Department through the Texaco Station or from Water Street. Looks to me like Jimmy Rodgers is standing in front of the showroom entrance to Cones. The showroom and service department were all in one large building. Capt Jack

  4. I wonder what that car would be worth in today's market.

  5. Reading Jack Stevens comment has jogged my memory.

    I remember that building on Water Street.

  6. Looking at the small windows at the top of the photo, I clearly remember a building on Water Street that had that type of windows.

  7. Cone Car Co. was the local Ford dealer. The building was last used by West Texas Auto Co., the tire test fleet. It was razed to enlarge the parking for the Hospital and later the parking garage. W C Bell had the Ford dealership in the building after Cone around WWII. Apparently Rodgers had just purchased a new Ford.

    John M

  8. I love these old photos.


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