Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday Ephemera: "Sketch of Possibility" 700 Block of Water Street, Kerrville

A friend brought by this sketch of the 700 block of Water Street in Kerrville.  I think it might be from the 1930s, but you might have a better idea.  The original sketch is 8x29 inches, and bears the legend: "Sketch of Possibility of Water Street Improvement, sponsored by the Kerrville Chamber of Commerce, Alphonse W Malin, Architect, Kerrville, Texas.  The original will be displayed at our print shop (615 Water Street) for a few days.
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Proposed improvements, 700 Block of Water Street, around 1935.


  1. I love this sketch. It's beautiful.

    Some of downtown Kerrville still looks like this sketch.

    About six months ago, I was able to visit Kerrville. It is beautiful.

    Kerrville is a very modern entity, and yet it has wisely maintained a very pleasing appearance in the downtown area. It is modern and it is quaint. Is that possible? Yes, it is. I know it is because I saw it in Kerrville during my visit.

    An online definition of "quaint" is:

    "having an old-fashioned attractiveness or charm."

    I like that definition, and I like Kerrville.

    Kerrville has charm.

  2. The building on the left is the old Schreiner Bank building.

    I miss that old building, and I miss seeing the Schreiner name on the buildings in the downtown area.

  3. Either 1930's or 2011, it doesn't matter.
    I like this drawing.

    I vote that all of Kerrville's buildings must match the theme in this sketch.

  4. I see the Schreiner Bank, Pampell's and the Davis building. Do the other buildings in the sketch have specific names?

  5. I like this drawing.


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