Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday Ephemera: Kerrville's Arcadia Theater Poster, 1941

Fred and Annie Streit made an interesting discovery when they were tearing down an old building in Ingram: several old movie posters from Kerrville.  These posters, all from the 1941 season, were underneath a tar-paper cover -- they were used as a sort of underlayment for the wall, possibly during the Second World War when materials were hard to obtain.  There were two movies theaters here in 1941 -- the Arcadia and the Rialto.  The Arcadia is being restored; the Rialto was torn down in the 1970s by the Charles Schreiner Bank, to make a parking lot.  That parking lot is now between Herring Printing Company and Grape Juice.  Thanks to the Streits for bringing these posters by and sharing them with all of us.
Movie Poster, Arcadia Theater, Kerrville, 1941

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