Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mrs. W. A. Salter, publisher of the Kerrville Mountain Sun

I love this old photo of Mrs. W. A. (Camilla Elizabeth) Salter, publisher of the Kerrville Mountain Sun.  It's taken around Christmas time at her desk at the newspaper offices, when they were on Water Street, just past the Arcadia toward the Heritage Star.  I believe the children in her lap are her grandchildren, James and Louise Elizabeth.   James Salter is now mayor of Ingram, and has been a friend of mine for three decades.
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Mrs. W. A. Salter, publisher of the Kerrville Mountain Sun, Kerrville, around 1955.
Mrs. Salter and her son, Forrest were such special people.  Mrs. Salter was an honorary member of the Kerrville Kiwanis Club -- at a time when the International Kiwanis Club did not allow women members.  Forrest, her son, gave me my first newspaper gig: a column when I was in high school.
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  1. The Kerrville Mountain Sun was a wonderful newspaper. I was very sorry that it ceased publication.

    The old Kerrville Mountain Sun office on Water Street was a true adventure to walk through.

    It was two different levels. The presses were on the lower level (basement level) and the front desk was on the upper level (which was actually the ground level floor on Water Street).

    There was a ladder (yes, a ladder) that allowed employees to move from one level to another.

    It was great!


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