Friday, May 6, 2011

Fred Tally, receiving an award at the Kerrville Kiwanis Club

Fred Tally was the principal at Starkey Elementary when I started first grade.  It's true, Gentle Reader: I met the principal the very first day I was there, invited to visit him in his office for some minor infraction of the rules.  Here he's receiving some award from the Kiwanis Club; I wish I recognized the gentleman handing him the award.  I believe this photo was taken when the club met at the Blue Bonnet Hotel, a fine 8-story hotel which was once on Water Street across from Francisco's Restaurant.
Fred Tally, as most of you know, was honored by the Kerrville Independent School District when they named Tally Elementary in his memory.  Look how young he looks in this photograph.
Thanks to Lanza Teague for sharing this image with all of us.
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Fred Tally, at the Kerrville Kiwanis Club, Kerrville, date unknown.
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