Sunday, April 24, 2011

Another view of Self's store, Kerrville

Happy Easter, everyone!
Here's another view of Self's store which I'd never seen before.  I'm thankful to James Partain for sharing this with me.  I really like the typography over the little porch on the building, and I have a different view of this building hanging by my desk at our print shop. In this image, you can see items for sale in Mr. Self's store.  This store was later on Water Street, between the Arcadia and the Charles Schreiner Bank, in the 700 block.
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Self's, Earl Garrett Street, Kerrville.
Note ads for Edison gramophones on wall to right. 
For more information about Joe's book of photographs 
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  1. Joe: After viewing this picture I chatted with Tivy High School classmate, Mary Margaret Doyen, whose grandfather was Mr. Self and she confirmed what I remembered that Self's on Water Street was located adjacent to the Arcadia but on the west side toward Pampbell's.

  2. I have photographs of Self's in three different locations. I believe you're right about Self's being on Water Street -- and I think that was its last location. The other two locations appear to be on Earl Garrett Street (then called Mountain Street).


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