Saturday, April 23, 2011

Self's Store, on Earl Garrett Street in Kerrville

Of all of the photographs I have in my collection, I chose one to hang by my desk at the print shop.  It shows a muddy Earl Garrett Street (then called Mountain Street), the Masonic Building (now the home of Sheftall's Jewelers) and a little frame shop with large lettering: "SELF."  It was one of the first images I collected, and I love the typography on the building, the clock hanging from the awning.
But my friend James Partain brought by a better copy of the image, one that shows a lot more detail.  In my copy, you cannot see into Self's store; you cannot see a man under the porch of the Masonic Building; you can't see the sign reading "Post Office" under the Masonic Building awning.
I'm blown away by the details I'd never seen before.
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Masonic Building and Self's, Kerrville, around 1900
To order Joe's book of Kerrville historical photographs, please click here.


  1. I especially like the triangle eye that is hanging in the window of SELF.

  2. This is a great picture. The clarity is very impressive.

    I see a man sitting in front of the post office, and in the store next to the post office there seems to be a man or woman standing in the doorway.

    I can't enlarge this photo so what I see in the doorway of the Oscar Rosenthal store may not be a person.

    It may be an optical illusion.


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