Monday, April 11, 2011

Good people at the Kerrville Area Chamber of Commerce

Sometimes true character is revealed in stressful times.
This can be both good and bad; adversity tends to highlight both strengths and weaknesses. In a tough situation, some may shrink away from their duty, while others rise to unexpected heights.
This column is about the latter: in the past few months I have seen a group of people band together during a transition time and really shine.
One of the organizations I admire in our community is the Kerrville Area Chamber of Commerce. It is unabashedly pro-Kerrville and under the recent executive leadership of my friend Brian Bondy, the chamber really shined.
But when Brian made a great career move and took a new job in San Marcos, the momentum built under his stewardship might have dwindled. Our chamber might have floundered a bit. But it did not.
I credit, of course, the fine staff at the Kerrville Area Chamber of Commerce. Dora, Susan, Kristan and Barbara have continued all of the programs underway with professionalism and enthusiasm. The transition from an old software system to a new, more powerful (and member-friendly) software system has progressed smoothly. A great and informative luncheon featuring new education programs at Schreiner University was held. A much-anticipated golf tournament was successfully produced. (Ask my friend Trevor Hyde about his round during that tournament!)  And each visitor to the chamber offices was warmly greeted and helped.
During this transition time these professionals have done a great job and their work is to be much commended. I think they've grown stronger as a team and have demonstrated great leadership.
There are also some volunteer leaders who've really stepped up during the transition.
Bob Waller, the current chairman of the chamber board, has done an outstanding job. Not only has he assumed a more active role in the day-to-day management of the chamber, but he has led a successful search committee, looking for the next executive of our local chamber. All the members of the search committee have devoted many hours to finding the right person for this important community job.
And Bob has lead this effort with his usual good humor and determination.
If the Kerrville Area Chamber of Commerce didn't exist, we'd need to invent it. Few consider how important it is to have an organization whose purposes are to represent the Kerrville area, to work to make our community a better place, to gather people together for community events, and to give members a productive and effective way to work toward a better future. I think our Kerrville Area Chamber of Commerce builds community while promoting our area.
If you love our community, I know you'll find the chamber a good place to work together with like-minded folks to make the Kerrville area the place we all know it can be.
Until next week, all the best.
This column originally appeared in the Kerrville Daily Times April 9, 2011.
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