Sunday, April 10, 2011

Two images from J. E. Grinstead

There are several images taken by J. E. Grinstead in my scanned collection.  I believe these images are of Mr. Grinstead and his second wife, Gertrude Wright Grinstead.  They had three children together: a daughter, Bessie; and two sons, Jessie, and Pam; Grinstead had two sons with his first wife, Grady and Doyle.  His first wife died of tuberculosis in Kerrville, soon after they arrived here.  Getrude Wright Grinstead, his second wife, was a widow who owned a boarding house.  I love the old foot bridges.  Wish I knew where these photos were taken.
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J. E. Grinstead, around 1910, location unknown

Possibly Gertrude Wright Grinstead, around 1910, location unknown.
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