Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Purslay's Service Line -- Kerrville

If you pulled out your Kerrville phone book and looked up "Jitney Station," I imagine you'd have a hard time finding one.  But this photo -- with the handwritten inscription "Purslay's Service Line -- Kerrville's Pride," shows three top-notch drivers and their iron steeds, ready to take you wherever you needed to go.  By the way, the little sign in front of the door says "Jitney Station, Ph[one] 260.  I dialed this number, but no one answered.
Thanks to James Partain for sharing this with me.
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Purslay's Service Line, Kerrville, around 1920.
The "Jitney" service looks to be on Earl Garrett Street, between the Masonic Building (now Shefall's Jewelers) and the Weston Building (now Francisco's Restaurant).  Oddly enough, the little building next to the Jitney Station appears to be Self's Jewelers, but it's obviously in a different and larger building than before.  Note the little clock sign. It's the same as pictured elsewhere on this blog.

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  1. is that the same clock thats on the old city hall building?

  2. This photo makes me wish for two things:

    1) I wish that I knew who was driving each of those vehicles.

    2) I wish that I currently owned all those vehicles.


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