Thursday, June 23, 2011

Moving the Spicer Building from 433 Water in Kerrville

I've written elsewhere on this blog about how Mark and Linda Stone have saved the old Spicer building from the City of Kerrville's plan to have it demolished.  Here are some images from the first shift of the building.  The building was moved off of its old foundation, pulled to the right of its original footing.  This morning (after a wonderful little rain last night!) I took a few photos for you to see the old cut-limestone basement.  The building is scheduled to move to its new home, by Rails a Cafe on the Depot, on June 28.
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The corner of the basement -- a limestone wall and a dirt wall -- 433 Water, Kerrville

The same wall, showing the skid on which the building rode to the left.

The building up on skids, after moving to the left.

More of the old basement.  Hidden by debris is a rectangular pit in the floor of the basement.

For more information about Joe's book, which has over 200 historic photographs
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  1. I can't wait to see how Rails uses the building.

  2. I hope that someone filters through the basement debris.

    Historical treasures may be found.

  3. Joe,

    Thank you for keeping us informed on this beautiful old building.

    Thank goodness it is being restored.

  4. This posting reminded me of the Schreiner Store refurbishing project.

    Is the project complete? If so, would you post photos of the building?

    Perhaps the new owners have established a website that will provide photos.


  5. How I love old houses and buildings.

    Thank you, Mark and Linda Stone, for your restoration efforts.

  6. I think the base is strong enough to hold the house.

  7. What is the building that is located directly behind the Spicer Building?


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