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Do you recognize any of these Kerrville students from the late 1960s?

If you were in the Kerrville public schools in the late 1960s, you'll probably recognize at least one person in the photos below.  Please use the comments to help me identify these kiddos.  Thanks!
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Tivy FFA Dairy Cattle Judging Team, Kerrville, late 1960s

Tivy Students working on a project, Kerrville, late 1960s

Tivy Students, Kerrville Municipal Auditorium, late 1960s

Young graduates, Kerrville, late 1960s

Tivy students rehearsing a play, Kerrville, late 1960s

Young recipients of the Presidential Physical Fitness Award, Kerrville, late 1960s


  1. In the second photo, entitled:
    "Tivy Students working on a project, Kerrville, late 1960s:"

    Standing on the right side of the post, but not touching the post:

    1st girl: ?
    2nd girl: Andre Le Meilleur
    3rd girl: Wanda ? (she worked at Schreiner's Bank for many years

    The girl who is standing on the right side of the post and holding onto the post is:

    Susan (I believe her last name is Langford).

    The boy, who is sitting on the floor holding the hammer, is Clinton Jones.

  2. In the third photo, entitled "Tivy Students, Kerrville Municipal Auditorium, late 1960s,"

    the two girls sitting on the stage are Kathy and Karen Reader (or is it Karen and Kathy Reader - I don't know).

  3. In the fifth photo, entitled "Tivy students rehearsing a play, Kerrville, late 1960s,"

    on the back row, the middle person is Becky Dozier. Standing to the right of Becky is George Hammond.

    The girl who is sitting in the chair is Heather Sutherland:

    (her mother was one of the best teachers ever to walk through the Tivy High School Doorway)

    (her mother also loved to doodle - I have a final exam paper that is covered in doodling as proof - the students loved that teacher).

    (Note to Mrs. Sutherland - while I was too shy to stand in front of the class and recite the Preamble to the United States Constitution, I knew every word by heart - still do.

    Therefore, I hope that you will change my grade in your grade book :).

  4. I think but not swearing to anything: Dairy Judging team. Front row left is Lee Mosty and back row second from the left is Keith Simmons

    Students building something. Girl squatting down maybe Linda Lehman Immel. Standing next to her is Wanda Jones Tomlinson. Behind Wanda is Andrea Lemeilleur, holding the pole Susan Lankford, behind her can't remember her first name, but last name Lynch lived on Lytle street.

    The girls on the piano are Suzanne Thomas and one of the Reader twins. Thats all I can remember Sue Schwethelm Steele

  5. Students working on project: Standing, left to right - Kathy Voss, ?, Chuck Brundrett, Coleman Palmer, Alice Lynch, Wanda Jones (now Tomlinson), holding pole - Susan Langford, on floor - Clinton Jones, female crouched holding pole ?. All were 1968 graduates of Tivy.

  6. students working on a project from the right:
    (1967 or 1968)
    Wanda Jones Tomlinson
    Andree LeMeilluer Hayes
    Alice Lynch (tallest girl in back)
    Susan Langford (leaning on pole)

    The ag group is from Center Point.

  7. The dairy judging team is from Center Point (1968). The tallest student holding the pennant is Raymond Holloway. His cousin, Danny Smith, is kneeling on the far right.

  8. In the "Students Working on a Project" photo,
    second from left is John Sample.

  9. President's Physical Fitness Award photo is from about 1968 and the student's are from Starkey Elementary. From Left to right: Danny Shields (wearing his crossing guard belt), unknown, Georgetta Kincaid, Lorene Wooley and unknown boy.

  10. Looked at this a few times and don't recall anyone identifying the dairy team member lower second from left.. I moved from Kerrville in early '66 (fourth grade) and he brings to mind a classmate whose name I believe was Bobby Love. But, though I still have family in the area, I never kept up with classmates well so take that for what it's worth..


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