Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's likely this auger helped build Kerrville's railroad.

Auger, found by L. A. Mosty, Kerrville, around 1900.  The ruler in the photo is 1 foot long.
L. A. Mosty
My long-time friend John M. Mosty brought by a fascinating old auger the other day.  It's 4 foot 4 inches long, and it came with a story:
" The auger that I gave you was found by my grandfather, L. A. Mosty in two pieces next to the small drainage railroad trestle near what is now Clearwater Paseo  and Rio Monte Drive (KPUB).  This was around 1900.  The auger was used to drill holes through the timbers for bolts to build (or maybe in this case repair) the trestle.  Apparently the auger broke and was thrown away by the workmen.  After found in the weeds, it was taken to a local blacksmith who welded it back together.  No one is sure how long it lay there and so I am not sure whether is was used to the original construction or for repairs or re-building the trestle.  At any rate it is a piece of history of the railroad in Kerrville."

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  1. Before the Charles Stillman Museum in Brownsville, TX was remodeled, there was a similar auger on display.

    According to the museum's description of the auger, it was utilized during the initial installation of railroad tracks.

    That was a great find by Mr. Mosty.

    Thank you for sharing it with us.


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