Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A sneak peek inside the Arcadia during its renovation.

So... the front door of the Arcadia was open, and someone went inside and snapped a few photos.  I'm not sure who our photographer is, but here are some of the images.
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Where the stage, pit, and movie screen once stood, Arcadia Theater, Kerrville, July 2011

What's left of the balcony, Arcadia Theater, Kerrville, July 2011

They've opened up the wall behind the old orchestra pit, Arcadia Theater, Kerrville, July 2011
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  1. Are they keeping the art deco in the lobby? I certainly hope so.

  2. hopefully the great Arcadia ghosts will appreciate all the renovation and decide to hang around.

  3. Oh, how I miss that old theater.

    From the rumors that I've heard about the theater's future life, I don't know if I should be happy or sad.

    Of course, I'm elated that it is being refurbished, but its new purpose should include something to do with the Kerrville of today, or the Kerrville of years gone by.

  4. Joe, please give a very big thank you
    to the photographer of these pictures
    "wink, wink."

  5. If walls could talk, that theater would have
    a great deal to say.

  6. I am so thankful that the Arcadia is being saved, rather than destroyed.

    I wish that someone had stepped forward and saved the old Ice House.

    Does anyone have photos of the front and inside of the Ice House?

    If so, would you share them with Joe?

  7. Joe,
    Were any photos taken of the other interior areas, such as the entrance hall, concession stand, cry room, stairs to the balcony or office?


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