Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A rare photo showing a part of the original H E B store

For local history buffs like me, there are a few images one would really like to add to one's collection.  I'm sure they exist -- somewhere -- even if the subject was accidentally a part of another intended scene.
Take for instance this photo of the original H. E. B. store, the Florence Butt Grocery store.  It was probably taken by Starr Bryden in the late 1930s.
Original H.E.B. Grocery store, 800 block of Main Street, Kerrville, probably taken in the late 1930s
The problem with this photo is that it was taken many years after the grocery store had moved from this location.  I believe this image is the one used by the company today when illustrating the first store.  In fact, it's a pretty common image among collectors of Kerr County historical images.
What I'd like is a photo of the building when it was still the Florence Butt Grocery Store.  And with a photo I recently found, I thought I'd gotten it.  If only the photographer had been a little to the right and had gotten more of the first store in his camera's viewfinder!
G.  L. Richeson in the H. E. Butt Grocery delivery wagon, probably around 1913
Photo courtesy George Richeson.
Notice the building on the far left of the photo.  See the staircase?  the stovepipe? the two windows?  I believe that was the original store, and that Mr. Richeson (who was the first employee of the Florence Butt grocery company) was on Main Street in Kerrville when this photo was taken.
So close!  But I'll keep on looking.

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  1. Mr. Richeson was my grand father -- I will look and see if I have some pictures. I know I have one of him inside the HEB store -- I will try to locate it.

  2. Becky: that would be AWESOME! Thanks, Joe

  3. Lucille Holdsworth worked for the USDA Farmers Home Administration in 1963 when I was first employed there. Mr. Holdsworth worked for the VA. I think they had children that are still in the area. You might check the phone book. Lucille's sister was Mrs. Butt.

    David J. Dill


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