Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday Ephemera: register page from Kerrville's St Charles Hotel

One of the great things about having this blog is the people I've gotten to know I otherwise would have never known.  Belinda Dowd Fleming, for example. Her mother, Queen Dowd, owned the apartments next to the library which were recently moved by Mark and Linda Stone to a spot next to Rails, and young Belinda grew up there.  Many of the tenants remember Belinda -- and her roller skates.  Today I'll post a gift Ms. Fleming sent to me, via her three tall sons during a recent visit to Kerrville: a register page from the St. Charles Hotel.  The St. Charles was a grand hotel at the corner of Water and Sidney Baker Streets, where, until recently, the Sid Peterson Memorial Hospital stood.  It turns out George Morris, the proprietor of the St. Charles, also owned the apartment building later owned by Queen Dowd.  In its basement were several mementos from the hotel, and Ms. Fleming was kind enough to share a few register sheets with me.  Also, for fun, I'm posting a photo of Ms. Fleming as a little girl.  She's the one with the very bond hair.
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Register page, St Charles Hotel, Kerrville, 1927
Belinda Dowd Fleming, right, with friends, 433 Water, Kerrville
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  1. The St. Charles Hotel was such a beautiful building.

    Also, it was one that Kerrville greatly appreciated having in its downtown area.

  2. Joe, love this. I wish I could have seen that hotel. What do you think the B, S, and D's are under TIME column? Also noticed most guests are from San Antonio!!


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