Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Work begins on the basement stairway at the Schreiner Company building.

Though few remember it, there used to be a stairway down to the basement of the Schreiner Company building, on the Earl Garrett side of the building.  This morning workmen started removing the old sidewalks to open up that stairway again.
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Schreiner Company, Kerrville, around 1930.  Note stairway to basement on right.

Workmen removing sidewalk slabs to reveal old staircase to basement, Kerrville, July 2011.
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  1. Look forward to seeing the progress of this, Joe!

  2. I remember the stairs. I walked up and down them many times.

    Next to the stairway entrance, at the corner of the building, there used to be a U. S. Mailbox.

    On any day, six days a week, you could find several male, senior citizens standing around the mailbox. They would chat for hours.

    They knew everyone who walked by them, and everyone knew them.

    I miss those days.

  3. Joe,
    Please keep us up-to-date on this story.
    It's very exciting!


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