Friday, July 22, 2011

Village Blacksmith -- late 1960s

I ran across these images of the "Village Blacksmith," and I'm hoping someone will recognize both the man and the site of his shop.  It kind of looks like a building in Ingram, but I'm not sure.  If you have any clues for me, please put them in the comments below.
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  1. It is the blacksmith shop in Ingram, located at the "Y" and the west corner of Main. Name slips at the moment, but he was there for years.

  2. That man's name is on the tip of my tongue, but for the life of me, I can't remember it.

    That's what life does to you, when you get older than the hills; it makes you forgetful.

  3. Was his name Roscoe Key? That seems to now ring a bell for me.

  4. The television show Eyes of Texas did a feature on him in the mid 70s, but I can't recall his name. I purchased a used car from Alton James in 1975 that (according to Mr. James) had belonged to this blacksmith. The armrest had rusted a bit due to the sweat from his arms.

  5. OK... I got the wrong "Key". The man's name is Roy Key, verified by a couple of Ingramites.

  6. He's my great grandfather....yes! His name is Roy Key.

  7. I remember Mr.Roy Key, He was our Neighbor On Guadalupe Street in Kerrville. My dad always said that he was a very good neighbor,and it must of been true because I still remember him as a kid.I think that his little workshop is still there in his backyard on Guadalupe St. I recongized him right away. Too Cool!


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