Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday Ephemera: 1911 Tivy High School Graduation items

Mark Mosty brought by some of the graduation items from his grandfather's graduation -- Mark was named for his grandfather, so they share the same first name.  Several things really intrigue me about these items.  First, notice how many events were scheduled for the graduating class.  Second, notice the colors for the invitation aren't the same as today's school colors; I don't think in 1911 the school colors had been decided.   Grandpa Mosty's class had some interesting folks in it, including Earl Garrett, for whom Mountain Street was renamed; Otto Nimitz, brother, I believe, of Chester Nimitz; along with a lot of other family names you'll probably recognize.   I appreciate Mark (present-day Mark!) for sharing these with all of us.
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The 1911 graduating class, Tivy High School, Kerrville.  Courtesy John M. Mosty.
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