Saturday, August 13, 2011

Goodbye to the Orr House

There was a little stucco house on Live Oak Street here in Kerrville that always intrigued me, the Orr House.  The house was behind the fire station on Water Street, and was a two-story house in a Mediterranean style.   (Live Oak St. connects Tivy and A streets, and is parallel to and between Water and Main Streets.).  It was torn down this week by its owners, who also own Creations.  Here are some vintage photos of the old place, along with pictures of Bill and Helen Dietert Orr.  Thanks to Stephen Dietert for sharing these photos with all of us.
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Orr House, Live Oak Street, Kerrville, demolished August 2011

Helen Dietert Orr and Bill Orr, Kerrville, in front of their house, date unknown.


  1. I remember that beautiful home, and I remember the Orr's.

    They were what we called, "Good People."

    I can't believe that someone would tear down a home that has such a classic look to it.

    I suppose the land was needed for more parking spaces.

    What a shame.

    One definition of the word "tear" is:

    "to pull apart or in pieces by force, especially so as to leave ragged or irregular edges."

    By destroying that beautiful old home, the owner has left ragged or irregular edges in the history of Kerrville.

    Change does not always equal progress.

  2. It seems like there were several nice housed in that little block that are now no more.

  3. Thanks for running this blog Joe. Minor correction: The two people in the photo are William Edward Dietert Sr. (Helen's Brother) and his wife Hetta (Seebee) Dietert (who was also Helen's best friend). William helped build this house with his Father Emil Dietert around 1928 with Clay Tile and concrete. First Emil and Elizabeth Lived there and then Helen Dietert Orr and William (Bill) Orr took it over in later years. Helen lived to be 102 years old in that house.


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