Monday, August 22, 2011

I'm a demi-centenarian today.

Fifty years ago today I was born at Kerrville's Sid Peterson Memorial Hospital, the first child of Joe and Patsy Herring.  Hard to believe a half-century has passed by so quickly.
One thing's for sure: my life has been a blessed life.  My wonderful wife, our two smart children, my family, my friends and my community -- it seems my days have been a long chain of continuous good fortune.
Thanks for your part in my life.  I hope, in turn, I've contributed something to you -- and to our community.
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Joe Herring Jr, on his trusty steed Bonham, probably around 1966.
Photo by J Marvin Hunter.


  1. Happy Birthday Joe!

    You have contributed a tremendous amount to the community, and not just to the local community for your readers and friends are worldwide.

  2. If you are only 50 years old, then you are
    still just a kid.

    When you are older than the mountains, as I am, then you are old.

    Happy Birthday!


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