Sunday, August 21, 2011

Steve Huser offers to sell me the Arcadia Theater, and I accept.

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Although Mr. Huser was being sarcastic (you should have seen the contempt on his face when he said "non profit performance space") I have long believed the Arcadia could be a great place for musical performances, as well as other fine art offerings.
I also believe I could organize a non-profit to renovate and manage the Arcadia, something Mr. Huser obviously doubts.
Mr. Huser and his business partner in this project, Hagi Hagigholam, have unique plans for the Arcadia which do not reflect the Arcadia's long history in our community.  In fact, the plans I've read about in the newspaper have *zero* to do with Kerrville.
Of course I wish the partners well.  They obviously both know how to make companies successful, and I'm hoping they'll make a success of the Arcadia.


  1. DOH! I am so gullible!! You had my hopes raised for a minute!!

  2. I thought we were trying to revitalize the downtown area? Seems to me keeping Kerrville, the theater itself and the city's history in mind would do that job better than anything having nothing to do with the city. My personal opinion is keep the history in mind when revitalizing anything in the downtown area. But I'm not in charge, so my opinion isn't worth even the $1 for the building!

  3. I still think it should be an extension of the great Alamo Drafthouse. These theaters honor filmmaking and audience experience in film. Plus, they would make good money selling beer and burgers to an audience eager to enjoy a movie while dining.

  4. "Non profit performance space" - I not only like the idea, I love the idea.

    That would be a perfect fit for such a grand old building.

    Who are these men who want to change the course of a Kerrville landmark?

    I will support a performing arts center, but I will not spend my time or money on the Arcadia if it is turned into a "for profit" enterprise, unless of course it is transformed back into its former movie theater glory.

  5. Please form a legal committee to develop standards and restrictions for anyone who wishes to buy and develop any and all buildings in downtown Kerrville.

    It is very important for Kerrville's history to be respected and maintained.


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